Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Managing a new blog

I have a new blog, a self-hosted blog which is
In that blog I share my rice recipes. I only provide easy and simple recipes because I don't like complicated recipe myself.
The link is here
Easy Rice Recipe

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Smiley Themed gift ideas

For you who loves the smiley face character, there are many stuff you can choose for yourself with the theme. You can also give it as a gift for your loved ones. The selection are wide, from mug to choose, to bag, and many other thing. Have a look at this store. And happy shopping.

Smiley Guft Store

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Changing The Template

I want to change the look of my blog. So I search many free templates available on the internet. But what a mess. I really should learn more about changing template. Now my blog is so weird. Why is the double posts? Why is the alien links? I tried to remove alien links but my page elements were also removed.  LOL. Thats what happened when you did something you did not really know about.

Well OK, finally I can figure it out.  like this free template from Deluxe Templates.  What a beautiful collection of templates that site provides  for free. Great one.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 Things about Internet Marketing by PotPieGirl

Today I received an interesting newsletter form Jennifer Ledbetter (aka PotPieGirl). She is the one behind One Week Marketing.
These are the 10 things she said she has learned by internet marketing
1. Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing is mainly a process of “self-education”.
We determine our own success and failure.
2. One is never enough. When using free methods to make money online, one article is never enough.
3. Learn how to find what you need online. Those that are successful in internet marketing are also REALLY good researchers.
4. People hate “hype” – but… it still causes an emotional response to buy.
5. PPC is NOT a Beginners Sport.
6. Failure is a state of mind. Pick something then DO IT. If you never DO anything, you will NEVER make sales online. Stop standing in your own way and take a chance.
7. Shiny Things Dull Your Senses.
8. Stop being your own worst critic. You are learning something new. It is a whole new world in here AND this new world is constantly changing. The internet is no longer a big, fancy sales brochure… it is more like a living, breathing thing. Relax and allow yourself to first adjust to the climate…and then allow yourself to learn the language.
Do yourself a favor – 1) Write your expectations of yourself and of internet marketing on paper 2) Be SURE those expectations are realistic. If those expectations are NOT realistic, change them. Then – be your own best friend… be your biggest fan. Stop condemning yourself for what you DON’T know and for what you HAVEN’T achieved, and start being proud of yourself for each thing you DO learn and you DO achieve.

(This is my favorit. Thank you Jennifer)

9. There is only ONE way to stop the frustration of the learning curve. That is, to STOP LEARNING.
10. Changing your life IS scary. You are taking brave steps to change your life. You aren’t thinking about it, you aren’t complaining about it, you aren’t planning it…. you are DOING it. This is bold, and courageous, and admirable. Take a moment to thank yourself for having the guts to even TRY and do this. You deserve
that respect and appreciation from YOURSELF. Be kind to yourself. Keep moving FORWARD. And appreciate each and every learning curve you encounter.

How inspiring. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Read more:

Monday, March 15, 2010

ClickBank and RAP Bank

ClickBank is a popular website for some people who makes money online. I was only aware of its exixtence few weeks ago. Basically it is a place where people could buy and sell digital products online. ClickBank also well-known for its generous affiliate programm. I was amazed to know that people can generate thousand of dollars monthly or more as vendors or affiliate from ClickBank alone. I will give it it a try.

RAP Bank is a new kid on the block. Basically it is the same with ClickBank. The main difference is that RAP Bank pays the affiliate as soon as a sale is made. You do not need to wait for weeks or until your commission reach a certain amount. It's interesting. 

Is a scam? is a kind of get-rich-quick scheme here in Indonesia. Well, the owner would not admit it as another get-rich-quick. He said he was only selling internet business tutorial/guide for newbie. I was falling prey to this programm because of two keywrods; that it was halal, and it was not a pyramide scheme (MLM). But I was really disappointed by what I got. In my opinion, the price he set for the ebook is way too expensive. Its  not really worth it. He also failed to keep his promise; to provide free consultation as quick as possible to the members.

If he targeted newbies then he should understand that newbies are the same, they all need guidance badly. But it is difficult to contact him and ask for guidance or tutorial. His website provide a ticket support system, but it is not effective.  In desperation I used this support ticket, it was done in workday (not weekend or holiday), yet to this date I received no answer. In my frustration I used the support ticket again to send angry messages. The only responses I got was this automated answer, telling me that the change to my ticket support was noted and the support team would address it as soon as possible. It is so annoying when your emotional outburst as a human being addressed so coldly by a robot machine!

So, is a scam? You decide. I will just say that I understand why many people say so. I will not recommend it to other people.
I see that the website has changed to The owner also changed his on screen name. The comment option in his blog is now closed. Make you wonder, why is the change?

There is one important thing I learn from the whole thing. I definitely do not want to be in his shoes. I will not sell ebooks  and memberships the way he does if my credibility  is at stake. Insha Allah, I will not make a guarantee or promise that I cannot fulfil. In this virtual world, angry customers can voice out their unhappiness, quickly and widely. Once our credibility is ruined, it is almost impossible to have it back intact again. Let us hope he change his way, though.